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Thu, 11.01.2018

Iceberg Model - Times : 80th Waverock in the year 2020 - CD out now

Fri, 01.12.2017

RØST - Urban Industrial Blues - the debut CD out now

Tue, 28.11.2017

I-M-R's new digipak album "25.20.15" is going to be released on December, the 16th!

Three years after "InOutSide" I-M-R present their third band album "25.20.15" - and know exactly that purists will have a tough time again.
Supported by Greek musician KRIISTAL ANN, Russian Darkwave heroes STILLIFE, Ralf's band mates in DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR, Nicole Rellum and Kai Kampmann, as well as the accordeon player Annette Kosakowski, I-M-R illuminate the melancholic romantic terrain between folk, wave, electro and pop with 16 songs. And even if a track sometimes enter a quite surprising realm, they never become disloyal to themselves. Independent in its best sense and certainly somewhat stubborn, that's why "25.20.15" is the logical album within the band's own history.
And the quite strange album title? Yes, the album title...

Fri, 28.10.2016

20 years after their last album: "In Flux", the new CD of DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR is now available!

12 new songs, which breathe this very special WavePop that has made the band so distinctive in the 1990ies. Romantic, melodious, poignant, catchy - obviously Nicole, Ralf and Kai have not lost their feel for deep sensations.

Mon, 13.06.2016

"Unter Strom", the exceptional album of WOLF GENERATOR is now available at all known shops!

Fri, 10.06.2016

Under the moniker of their former school project T-HE, Ralf Jesek (I-M-R, IN MY ROSARY, DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR, MARY'S COMIC) and Kai Kampmann (DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR) have released three results of their occasional sessions from 2015 as a 3-track download single called "Believe" on Syborgmusic.
amazon, Junodownload, 7Digital

Tue, 03.05.2016

WOLF GENRATOR's album "Unter Strom" is expected to be released as digipak and mp3 version as of end of May!

Mon, 11.04.2016

I-M-R's song "Drowned In You" will appear on the upcoming "Dark Wave Sensation - A Transmission Into Post Punk Coldwave Movement" compilation.

Mon, 14.03.2016

DERRIERE LE MIROIR and their live version of "Alibis" from 2000 are part of the upcoming "Indie Guitars, Vol. 1" compilation.

Tue, 04.08.2015

WOLF are working on the final fineness for the revisited version of their legendary album "Generator 11"!

Sun, 12.07.2015

DERRIERE LE MIROIR have started the works on their upcoming new album (temporary title: "Changes").

Thu, 27.11.2014

The new I-M-R album "InOutSide" will be released on the 5th of December as a digipak. The CD version will contain - in addion to the regular 14 new songs - 4 bonus tracks. I.a. the Joy Division cover "A Means to an End"...

Mon, 24.11.2014

CARPE NOCTEM's mp3 album "Op.2: Allegro con fuoco " will be available from the 15th of December at all download shops...

Wed, 19.11.2014

WOLF are currently in the studio and work on a new album.

Tue, 03.06.2014

"Lift Me Up", DERRIRE LE MIROIR's first release since more than 15 years will be out on the 4th of September as mp3 single.

Tue, 20.05.2014

I-M-R currently work on the successor of their critically acclaimed album "Letters from the Paper Garden".

Mon, 18.11.2013

Within the next days we will release the Joy Division tribute compilation "Shadow Play". Featuring 11 bands from France, Germany, Italy, Russia and England. Amongst others COLLECTION D'ARNELL ANDREA, PAUL ROLAND, TORS OF DARTMOOR, I-M-R, OPIUM DREAM ESTATE and SECOND SKIN.

Wed, 23.10.2013

TORS OF DARTMOOR work on a new album. It will contain cover versions of BAUHAUS songs as well as own songs which are written in the spirit of BAUHAUS. So it's no surprise that the working title is "Spirit".

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