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'Once upon a time...
I held the vinyl "Joe's Garage Acts II & III" of Frank Zappa in my hands and I listened to the story where Joe meets a gleaming model XQJ-37 nuclear powered Pan-Sexual Roto-Plooker named Sy Borg. This inspired me to call my label Syborgmusic.'


Syborgmusic was born in South Germany, in 1999, by the musicians of "Tors of Dartmoor". The label is rooted in the alternative Rock and New Wave and is specialized in Gothic and Dark Wave.

You play music in the mood of Syborgmusic? We will welcome your CD:
Postfach 1210
D-71732 Tamm



We revise your recordings to bring the sound to more space and full loudness.

Mixmastering up to 10 min.: 89.00 €
Mixmastering up to 21 min.: 147.00 €
Mixmastering up to 30 min.: 199.00 €
Mixmastering up to 60 min.: 299.00 €


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