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Paul Roland

Cult English recording artist PAUL ROLAND, described as "the male Kate Bush" by one-time label mate Robyn Hitchcock, has released 10 albums for collectable labels such as Bam Caruso, New Rose and Imaginary in a low-key career that has seen him acclaimed on the continent but criminally ignored in his native England.
In England he is better known as a writer of mass market books on mysticism and the occult for major publishers. However, his reputation as a uniquely imaginative and consistently fascinating figure on the psych-pop circuit has substantially increased with each album. Other cult figures such as Robyn Hitchcock, Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond), Nick Nicely, and Andy Ellison (John's Children) have made guest appearances on his albums, several of which are now listed as highly collectable.

Since 1979 PAUL ROLAND has been spinning his bizarre tales against an evocative backdrop of rock, psychpop, folk and, occasionally, baroque strings. His most memorable character creations include a crotchety Regency magistrate, various 19th century murderers, a retired executioner, an opium addict, and an entire court of medieval grotesques. But not all his dreams are dark. Among his more whimsical creations are the eccentric characters on the largely acoustic album 'Happy Families' and its prequel 'A Cabinet of Curiosities'.

Those who relish PAUL ROLAND's atmospheric tales of Victorian serial killers, mad women in the attic, Dickensian underworld characters and eccentric Edwardian inventors will know what forbidden pleasures await them on his new album "Re-Animator" which features several songs with an HP Lovecraft theme and one inspired by a tale by Edgar Allen Poe. In the past he has conceived his fanciful tales from his own imagination as if his lyrics were 19th century short stories, but for this album he drew on HP Lovecraft and Poe for several of the tracks.

PAUL ROLAND has long been associated with the goth movement, but as this album shows there are many more facets to this most enigmatic Englishman who was once managed by David Enthoven (manager of Roxy Music, ELP and T.Rex) and June Bolan (wife of Marc Bolan) and asked to collaborate with film composer Michael Nyman and members of the Velvet Underground.

2012 ... "Roaring Boys & Sarabande" Reissue ... CD
2011 ... "Masque" Reissue ... CD
2011 ... "Demos" ("Re-Animator" and "Nevermore" sessions and more) ... DCD
2011 ... "In Memoriam 1980 - 2010" (best of 30 years) ... DCD
2011 ... "Grimm" ... CD
2009 ... "DUEL" 20th anniversary Reissue ... CD
2009 ... "A Cabinet of Curiosities & Happy Families" Reissue ... CD
2008 ... "Nevermore" ... CD
2008 ... "Danse Macabre & Burnt Orchids" Reissue ... DCD
2007 ... "Re-Animator" ... CD

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