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Mary's Comic

MARY's COMiC is a project of Ralf Jesek, voice and musical mastermind of IN MY ROSARY (1992-2011) and its follow-up project I-M-R. Besides this he also was singer and songwriter of the WavePop band DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR, which released five CDs, and formed with inter alia Martin v. Arndt (PRINTED AT BISMARCK'S DEATH) the one-time project GRIFFIN'S FALL.

Strictly speaking MARY's COMiC was already around back in 1987. After the school-band T:H:E split up, Ralf recorded a 4 track demo tape and titled this project after the name of one of the songs. But due to other musical activities MARY's COMiC was soon forgotten. Admittedly, the name revived in 2000 for two songs on "The Blisz Compilation", but during the IN MY ROSARY-Tour in 2004, while sitting in a green room in Copenhagen and thinking about realizing some ideas within a new project, MARY's COMiC was finally resuscitated.

The Viennese photo artist Marko Zink could be won to do the graphic transposition of the album "Perfect Vacation".


2007... "Perfect Vacation" ... CD

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