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I-M-R is the continuation of the musical idea of IN MY ROSARY, a musical project which was formed in 1992 and established itself as a constant within the worldwide darkwave / alternative scene shortly after its first CD release "Those Silent Years" (1993). In the beginning often labelled as "Dark Folk pioneer" - mainly because singer and songwriter Ralf Jesek also used acoustic guitars in his productions -, later on the press used the neologism "DarkWaveFolkPop" to describe this very unique mix of dark and new wave, electro, folk and pop elements.

In 2011, after 19 years and 10 critically acclaimed albums, the time had come to enter a new phase. So far Ralf had recorded all productions on his own, but now he invited his longtime live guest musicians Martin von Arndt, Holger Diener and Hansi Huenig to join him also in the studio and to develop the artistic idea together as I-M-R in the future.

At the end of November 2012 they released their first "band album" under the name "Letters from the Paper Garden", with the support of known guests such as (amongst others) Elena Alice Fossi (KIRLIAN CAMERA), SARA NOXX, Isabelle Dekeyser (THE BREATH OF LIFE), PAUL ROLAND, STILLIFE or Nicole Rellum & Kai Kampmann (DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR).

"[...] 'Letters from the Paper Garden' has become an album for connoisseurs, which is gloriously entertaining and absolutely harmonious." (Bodystyler)
"This new CD is one of the things I was waiting for and the reward is so great!" (Peek-A-Boo)
"Where others flirt with darkness and get from pop to kitsch, here you find darkwave in perfection. A grand album, which integrates cleverly the remininse to old heroes in an outstanding piece of music. Recommended!" (Amboss Mag)
"[...] dark, melancholic, catchy, excellent songs. 'Letters from the Paper Garden' is a tonal fireworks of darkwave- and electro elements, folk tunes and some almost poppy reminiscences and works perfectly as an unit - despite of all its variety." (Orkus)
"The word is that In My Rosary will be reactivated in 2013. But who needs this, now that I-M-R exists? Buy it, at all costs!" (Terrorverlag)
"The huge variety [...] gives a special something to these tuneful letters." (Zillo)
"So everyone who has grieved for the end of In My Rosary gets more than just a consolation. 'Letters...' is a beautiful album with a beautiful artwork for the dark season." (Medienkonverter)
"A successful continuation of In My Rosary." (Dark Spy)
"'Letters From The Paper Garden' has not become a chilly darkwave album, it is an intelligent and multilayer arranged album with many facets and which knows how to wow you throughout the entire running time." (Ox Fanzine)
"Conclusion: With 'Letters From The Paper Garden' Ralf Jesek & Co succeeded in creating a catchy, varied album." (Sonic Seducer)


2020 ... "Follow The Ruins EP" ... CD EP, Digifile
2017 ... "25.20.15" ... CD, Digipak
2014 ... "InOutSide" ... CD, Digipak
2012 ... "Letters From The Paper Garden" ... CD, Digipak

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